Part of the roof has now collapsed at the birdwatchers' building.

The Felanitx ornithological association has for several months being demanding that new premises are found for its sixty or so members. The association has a small, old building at the Guillem Timoner sports centre, which is now in a poor state. At the start of the year the councillor with responsibility for the sports centre was asked to go and take a look, especially because every time it rained, there was water coming into the building.

According to the association, there was no response, so a further request was made two weeks later. Once more, it received no reply. A third request was therefore sent to the councillor who looks after public infrastructure. The result was the same.

In August part of the roof collapsed. Moreover, there was theft of material from the building. The association complained again, reminding the town hall that this was its property. Having got nowhere, the association says that it is impossible to hold meetings and use the building. It may well be, therefore, that the association will have to be dissolved.

It has spent the past ten years fighting to maintain its activity, holding competitions and staging exhibitions in Felanitx, and operating on a non-profit basis. It accepts that it is only a small group but stresses the contribution it makes to the municipality and community. It would like the town hall to therefore show a little bit more will.