José María Rodríguez (second left), Catalina Cirer (left) in happier days. | Jaume Morey


A new report sent by the National Police to Manuel Penalva, the judge investigating police corruption in Palma, considers that José María Rodríguez, the former president of the Partido Popular in the city, was in charge of a "criminal machinery" that served his personal interests at the town hall.

The report extends to more than 700 pages. It concludes that "the existence of a criminal organisation has been perfectly demonstrated". This organisation was "premeditated and totally intentional and designed and executed a plan over a length of time to illicitly control the administration so that it (the administration) could serve it (the organisation) in utilising powers as an essential instrument for illegal activities completely contrary to the principle of legality and the public interest".

Certain administrative posts were therefore "fully controlled" so that they acted on "a number of criminal issues with the common link that this administration and officials owed allegiance and were controlled by the criminal organisation". The report also accuses Rodríguez of using Palma police to spy on investigating judge, José Castro, and former anti-corruption prosecutor, Pedro Horrach.

The police state that Álvaro Gijón, the former deputy mayor, was the organisation's "loyal minion at Palma town hall", as the organisation needed to one hundred per cent consolidate its maximum control during the last period of government (2011-2015) over the institution (the town hall) in order to "dominate the workings of the town hall, fundamental to the parasitic administrative machinery that had been created".

In addition to Rodríguez and Gijón, the police report also refers to a former PP mayor, Catalina Cirer, and the current secretary-general of the national government delegation in the Balearics, Evelio Antich.