Tolo Cursach, held in prison since the end of February. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The Balearic government intends to be represented in the Cursach case and has informed the investigating judge, Manuel Penalva, of this. The decision to be involved with a prosecution is as the result of a request from the regional attorney's office. Government spokesperson, Pilar Costa, says that there will be a defence of "the interests of the regional community".

Costa was speaking yesterday about the case against Tolo Cursach and also about allegations in respect of the tourism director Pilar Carbonell and the director of the Balearic Tourism Agency, Pere Muñoz. Carbonell's telephone conversation with Tolo Sbert of the Cursach Group has been highlighted in the judge's summary. Costa said that no specific accusation has been made about Carbonell.

The tourism ministry, when it was made aware in August of officials being implicated or called as witnesses in the Cursach case, started an internal investigation and forwarded relevant documentation to the court last month.

The government spokesperson explained that as yet no investigations have been opened by a judge into the case of Pere Muñoz, the ex-transparency minister Ruth Mateu and the one-time campaign manager for Més, Jaume Garau. They are all implicated by the anti-corruption prosecution service, along with two former officials from the transparency ministry. Charges could be for an abuse of power and a trafficking of influence in respect of contracts awarded to Garau.

The government, Costa added, will assess the situation if investigations are opened.