The Cala Llamp apartments are likely to be demolished early next year. | Michel's


As reported in yesterday's Bulletin, Andratx town hall now has the court order to enable inspection of apartments in Cala Llamp that a 2013 ruling decreed should be demolished. Some owners of the twelve apartments had refused to allow town hall officials access to their properties. This is needed in order to specify the demolition procedure.

The town hall, which has kept money in reserve for the demolition, estimates that it will cost half a million euros. Deputy mayor Jaume Porsell says that it should be possible for the work to be done in the first quarter of next year.

The apartments were declared illegal by the 2013 court ruling, and the building licence was annulled. This had been given in 2005 when Eugenio Hidalgo was mayor of Andratx. It might be recalled that in 2006 he was arrested as part of an investigation into illegal construction in Andratx. His arrest and subsequent conviction and imprisonment is often cited as having been the trigger for anti-corruption investigations that followed and which netted, among others, the former president of the Balearics, Jaume Matas.

In recent summers, it has been noted, the apartments have been used as holiday rentals.