Part of the interior at the Palacio complex. | Archive


Palma's Palacio de Congresos and hotel complex is a recipient of the 2017 Spanish architecture prize that is awarded by the higher council of Spain's colleges of architecture (the professional institutes for architecture).

The prize, which is given every two years, was created in 1993 in order to recognise architecture of an innovative nature with quality of construction. The Palacio was nominated by the college of Vasco Navarro (Basque-Navarre) architects based in Pamplona. The Palacio's architect, Patxi Mangado, comes from Navarre. The nomination drew attention to the challenge of creating such a building by the coast and to the interior of the complex which enables the movement of large numbers of people.

Meliá, which manages the complex, considers the award to be very positive. The hotel group says that it adds to the architectural prestige of the building and is an important factor in strengthening the image of Palma. The architectural design is "groundbreaking" for a convention centre that "will benefit the local and island economy".

The other recipient is the Museo de Colecciones Reales in Madrid.