Nineteen people affected by legionella. | Archive


The director-general of public health, Maria Ramos, has said today (Thursday) that the legionella outbreak in Palmanova is under control. There may be further notification of cases, she explained, but these will not be new cases; rather, they will relate to September or early October.

Ramos added that investigations are continuing and that, together with the local police, they are "combing the area". All sources have been more or less identified and closed. Her department and Calvia town hall have shut down the water supply in a hotel where several cases were detected as well as water from showers on the beach, in ornamental fountains and from garden sprinklers. Hotels are disinfecting as a precautionary measure.

Of the nineteen cases, most were reported once visitors had returned home. With one exception, everyone affected has recovered or is recovering. The one death was a seventy-year-old man who was also suffering from various complaints, such as leukemia and diabetes.

Thirteen UK holidaymakers, including the man who has died, were among those affected; their ages have been given as being 46 and 87.