Firefighter attending a blaze at a warehouse in Binissalem. | @BombersdeMca


The Council of Majorca has announced plans to improve firefighting facilities in thirteen municipalities  which have populations of between 4,000 and 8,000 inhabitants.

The project will include installing extra water hydrants to which fire crews will have easy access and removing unnecessary obstacles which could prevent or hinder firefighters in the event of an incident.

The Council of Majorca is going to invest over 600,000 euros in the project. The municipalities are: Alaro, Algaida, Arta, Binissalem, Bunyola, Esporles, Lloseta, Maria de la Salut, Muro, Petra, Porreres, Santa Maria del Cami and Ses Salines. Council officials and engineers have already carried out site inspections and drawn up action plans. Key sites for new water hydrants have been located and potential obstacles have been pinpointed.

This is the third and final phase of an initiative launched two years ago to make sure that all of the towns and villages in Majorca have the necessary facilities for firefighting.

In association with the various fire brigades, the Council has agreed on a series of locations for new water hydrants, such as main access roads, industrial estates, should they exist, and key public areas, positions which fire engines will be able to easily reach.

The Council of Majorca believes that prevention is key to fighting fires and that firefighters need to have the necessary tools and facilities in order to either prevent fires or respond as quickly and as easily as possible in the event of a blaze.