Residents made their feelings known about the motorway in June. | MDB


More details of Calvia town hall’s highly ambitious plans to improve the overall planning and development of the municipality have been revealed.

Yesterday the Bulletin reported on plans for nearly one million square metres of municipal parks, and included in these plans is a project to build a tunnel for the motorway between Costa d’en Blanes and Portals Nous.

According to the town hall, the increasingly heavy and loud flow of traffic along the stretch of motorway is not only a nuisance to local residents, it also unhealthy. The only solution is to tunnel the motorway underground. On top of the tunnel there will be a landscaped woodland "ecoduct" to include pedestrianised walkways and cycle lanes.

In June, the president of the association of property owners in Costa d’en Blanes, Miguel Angel Borras, lodged an official complaint on behalf of his members with the town hall about the noise and pollution coming from the motorway.

Borras pointed out that the maximum noise level along the stretch of road should be 65 decibels, but most of the time it exceeds 76.7 decibels. He added that while the problem is not new, it is getting worse every year and that the time has come for the town hall to step in and take some form of action on behalf of the local community.

The plans are expected to be tabled at a council meeting on 26 October and then made available for public consultation. The one project which is due to cause the most controversy, quite simply because of the amount of construction work which will be involved, is the proposed new tunnel.