Double lines, it is hoped, will stop the fatal accidents in Son Serra. | Consell de Mallorca

The Council of Majorca has reacted to the number of fatal accidents on the Alcudia-Arta road in Son Serra de Marina by introducing a 70 kilometres per hour speed limit and by painting solid double lines to indicate no overtaking.

The main black spot is the turning into Rancho Grande. It is here where there have been three fatal accidents in the past year or so. The left turn into Rancho Grande has not been eliminated, but the hope is that the double lines and speed limit will reduce the risks. Conditions are otherwise good because the road is straight and there is clear visibility.

The double lines have been painted between the road into Son Serra (and this junction has itself been the scene of fatalities) and the turns for the hermitage and Rancho Grande. The Council of Majorca is considering further safety measures, but these have yet to be decided.