Son Fornés is an important archaeological site. | MDB


The estate of Son Fornés in Montuiri contains one of the most important archaeological sites in Majorca. This is the Talayotic settlement, which has the same name of Son Fornés and is considered to be one of the oldest of these prehistoric sites.

It is hoped that rehabilitation work at the estate will make it a benchmark for the study of archaeological heritage on the island, and this work - to the old houses on the estate - is to benefit from funding of 910,000 euros. Half a million of this will come from the culture ministry and be payable in two tranches from the tourist tax. The remaining amount will be provided by the Balearics tourist and cultural foundation.

Staff at the archaeological museum have drafted the project. As it was understood that the government would give its funding approval, the draft has already been sent to the Council of Majorca's departments for urban planning and heritage. These departments need to give ultimate approvals for the work.

The mayor of Montuiri, Joan Verger, is grateful to the culture ministry (run by his party, Més) and the foundation for their commitment to the project. He also notes that there is plenty of goodwill among mayors in neighbouring municipalities to make Son Fornés an archaeological and cultural tourism centre in the Pla region of Majorca.

Work to be carried out includes the creation of exhibition halls, a small auditorium and rooms for research and storage. It will be within the wider project for Son Fornés, where there is a great deal more excavation yet to be done.