The doctor needed to be treated at Inca Hospital.


A doctor at the health centre in Muro was yesterday punched and kicked by a patient, a middle-aged Spanish man. The incident occurred at 11am yesterday morning. The doctor attended to the patient and asked him for identification, which the patient was unable to produce, saying that he had left his health card at home. The doctor told him that he would need to go and get it, which he did, returning only a very few minutes later.

It was then that the assault took place. No reason has been given, other than it would appear that the patient believed the doctor thought he was lying about having left his ID at home, which is in Can Picafort: the journey by car from Muro to Can Picafort and back would take a minimum of twenty minutes. Apparently, the patient's wife was outside in a car.

The doctor received several punches and kicks and was subsequently taken to Inca Hospital for treatment. In the melee, the patient dropped his ID, which was later handed to the Guardia Civil.

Under Spanish criminal code, health personnel are bracketed in the public authority category, which means that a sentence of this length is applicable.