The temporary bus stops in Puerto Pollensa have caused many complaints. | Andrew Ede


The environmentalists GOB have lodged an appeal against the new bus stops in Puerto Pollensa, the group having already raised its objection to the project on the grounds that it contravenes Pollensa urban planning rules.

The site for the bus stops (they are being referred to just as stops rather than as a bus station) is the car park by the Formentor bypass. GOB says that planning regulations allow for only 300 square metres of this site to be used for "an infrastructure". The bus stops project envisages the use of ten times this amount.

As has been explained previously in the Bulletin, GOB insists that there can only be certain uses for the site, such as cultural or sport or as a public space. The bus stops do not therefore conform to these uses. There would be "a clear violation of urban planning parameters and a serious breach of land use ordinance which will significantly harm the people of Puerto Pollensa and the municipality by depriving them of other facilities or free public spaces".

GOB also refers to "irregularities" in the processing of the project and draws attention to two versions - one the agreement between the town hall and the government's transport consortium and the other from technical and legal reports. GOB adds that it trusts that its appeal will result in the town hall adopting "urban planning legality" by seeking an alternative site.

GOB has proposed that a site near to La Gola is used instead. Politically, there is also opposition to the project. Tots per Pollença, led by former mayor Tomeu Cifre, say that it will just add to problems with car parking in Puerto Pollensa.

Work is due to commence on the project, with the transport ministry saying that it will be in use by March next year.