Joan Miralles, president of Aptur. | MDB

The Aptur holiday rentals association has accused the Partido Popular of turning their backs on small owners of private accommodation in favour of hotelier interests. The association has levelled this accusation as it would seem that the Spanish government is not going to lodge an appeal against the Balearic holiday rentals legislation.

Aptur believes that this is due to pressures applied by hoteliers in the Balearics and in Madrid. "Thanks to the excellent relationship between Majorcan hoteliers and the minister for energy and tourism (Álvaro Nadal) and to their constant meetings, the PP have decided to abandon those owners who wish to provide holiday accommodation."

The association has itself had meetings with representatives from the PP and also from Ciudadanos, but feels that these haven't achieved anything. This is despite the national government having raised objections to the Balearic legislation and the economic affairs ministry having issued a report in which it queried certain sections of the legislation.

Aptur says that it will nevertheless continue with its legal fight against the legislation, while Fevitur, the Spanish federation for holiday rentals, is due to lodge a complaint with the European Commission, claiming that the Balearic legislation contravenes European directives.

The Balearic tourism ministry is not totally ruling out there being an appeal, but the three months period during which it should have been lodged ended on 31 October, the Balearic legislation having been published on the Official Bulletin on 31 July.