There was an exceptionally large amount of algae in Alcudia last winter. | MDB


Alcudia town hall has commissioned a study into the condition of the beach. The University of the Balearic Islands will undertake this study, and it comes in response to concerns expressed by the local hoteliers association and the Alcudiamar marina about the increase in algae and changes in currents and sedimentation.

There is to also be a working party to consider the health of the beach. This will comprise representatives from the town hall, the hoteliers, Alcudiamar, the Costas Authority and the Balearic Ports Authority. Mayor Toni Mir says that the idea will be to study the dynamics of the coast. The university is currently taking samples and making tests. The results of this preliminary analysis will be presented at a meeting of the working party.

In recent years, and especially during the winter, there has been a notable increase in the amount of algae. The town hall removed over 400 truckloads of algae from the beach - its whole length from the port towards Playa de Muro - at the end of last winter. This may have been an exceptional situation, but the town hall nevertheless wants to check if it represented a change.