The use of German coaches has been suspended for the time being. | Miquel Àngel Cañellas


Fifteen coaches that have come from Germany and which have been used to transport passengers arriving at the airport for the Volkswagen exhibition at the Palacio de Congresos are currently not allowed to be used.

The association for coach operators presented a denuncia to the government's transport directorate. The German coaches, operated by the Dr. Herrmann Group, are at present on a lot in Playa de Palma, while transport officials consider the permits for the coaches to operate in Majorca and whether they meet European regulations.

The complaint from the association has to do with the apparent lack of an international business activity licence to complement one at a regional level. The transport directorate insists that all it is interested in is ensuring that companies from other European countries meet all legal requirements.

As the fifteen coaches are not being used, the organisers of the exhibition have had to take on a Majorcan operator. Autocares Comas is therefore transferring people to and from the airport and providing excursions.

Volkswagen, it would appear, had intended to contract a Majorcan coach operator. There were negotiations with several companies over the summer, but these fell through because the prices being quoted were above what had been expected. The Dr. Herrmann Group got the contract at the last moment.

The paralysis of the fifteen coaches follows the complaints by Majorcan coach operators about German coaches bringing attendees at the exhibition from Germany itself.