Alcudia's port, where there is to be a cement storage plant. | Gabriel Alomar

The Balearic Ports Authority has given authorisation for the building and operation of a cement storage and distribution plant at the commercial port in Alcudia. It will occupy space that is something over 2,000 square metres and there will be three eighteen-metre-high silos.

In the summer, Alcudia town hall asked for a further study to be made of any potential environmental consequences. It is now satisfied that a system to be used at the plant will ensure that particles don't escape.

The town hall and the ports authority have clashed over planned developments near to the port. In the case of the cement plant, however, mayor Toni Mir says that it conforms with urban planning guidelines and with uses set out in the plan for expansion at the port.

But while the town hall appears to be satisfied, there will be others who are not. The environmentalists GOB maintain that the project does not guarantee that there will not be environmental effects. The local pressure group, Salvem el Moll, is also opposed to the project and has become a thorn in the side of the town hall, the ports authority and the management company that runs the nearby Alcudiamar marina.