The old power station. In a state of abandonment for years. | Andrew Ede

Endesa has made a request for the old power station in Alcanada (Alcudia) to be declared a ruin. This request has been made in a registered letter delivered to Alcudia town hall.

It is the latest development in the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the future of the power station, which was decommissioned once Es Murterar was fully operational in the 1980s and has been largely abandoned ever since.

In September last year, Endesa presented the town hall with a request for demolition. The town hall refused to authorise this on the grounds that the power station is a town hall listed property because it is one of the few remaining examples of Majorca's industrial heritage.

The current situation with the power station is confused. The Council of Majorca is examining an extension of protected status, there has been a suggestion that part of it might be demolished, while there are issues to do with contamination. Endesa would prefer to demolish it entirely.

One option that will definitely not be pursued is the conversion of the power station into an arts, science and technology museum. That idea, which was floated pre-economic crisis, was dropped because it was too expensive, and the revival of the project has been ruled out.