Prospects are good for Palma this December. But what about the rest of Majorca? | Julián Aguirre


Hotels, shops and restaurant in central Palma seem set to have their best ever December in terms of turnover and profit. The large and luxury stores are anticipating sales that will be above levels pre-economic crisis, with the main period for sales being from the Constitution holiday (6 December) up to Christmas Eve.

At El Corte Inglés additional staff is being taken on. The store has had good Black Friday sales and now expects sales for the Christmas campaign to exceed expectations.

Much of the optimism is derived from the forecasts for passenger movement at the airport. The total number of passengers in December is predicted to go up by around ten per cent to 800,000 (this is of course the number both arriving and departing). Aena says that 140 routes will be operating in December, 24 more than last year.

The 23 boutique hotels in the city centre are expecting occupancy to be on average around 35% to 40% but to be up to as much as 80% on certain days. This occupancy will be similar to last year, but there are now more hotels places. Prices are typically between 150 and 300 euros.

Palma's up-market restaurants, such as those in boutique hotels, are looking forward to a good month that will surpass last December.

But while Palma city centre and the high end of the market might be expecting a good December, what about elsewhere in the city and indeed elsewhere in Majorca?