Tuesday's robbery was the second in two years. | Michel's


The armed robbery at the Relojería Alemana shop in Puerto Portals on Tuesday evening resulted in the theft of jewellery and watches worth at least one million euros. Three armed and hooded robbers cleared display cabinets, after one of the three had pointed a firearm at the security guard, who was disarmed, thrown to the ground and then bundled into the shop's toilet along with a salesperson.

The robbery took only a matter of seconds. The robbers were clear what they were after, and this included 70 Rolex watches. They didn't attempt to force open the shop's safe.

Police believe that there was a vehicle or vehicles nearby. Despite the Guardia Civil and Calvia police mounting road controls as soon as they were notified of the incident, no detentions were made. The Guardia suspect that the three were part of a highly professional gang from eastern Europe. Given the nature of the robbery, which was carried out as the shop was closing for the evening, officers have concluded that the robbers had been watching the shop.

This was the second robbery at the shop. The previous one was in November 2015. Three robbers with motorbikes stole jewellery and watches also valued at around one million euros. As with the robbery on Tuesday, the one in 2015 was carried out as the shop was closing for the evening. The security guard was taken on after that 2015 robbery.