Etiqueta 'Jewellery robbery'
British police officers in London


Unstoppable urban theft

“To help tackle the problem of increasing street crime, several of my friends have invested in the trendy new key tag doing the rounds on social media that has a loud bleeper alarm and flashing light...”

Anna Nicholas11/03/2024 14:17

The moment of the arrest.

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70 million euro diamond robber busted in the Balearics

The theft took place on February 25, 2005 when armed robbers dressed as KLM staff hijacked an armoured car in a secure area of Schiphol airport.

Humphrey Carter10/02/2024 10:20

Tuesday's robbery was the second in two years.


A million euros worth of jewellery stolen from Puerto Portals shop

The Guardia Civil suspect that the three robbers were part of a highly professional gang from eastern Europe.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/11/2017 00:00

British police officers in London

British police officers in London

British police officers in London.

Reuters 23/06/2010