Image of the fight in Paguera last Saturday.


There is concern about a repeat of the mass brawl that took place in Paguera last Saturday night. Messages on social networks have alerted police to the possibility of there being more violence of the kind that involved dozens of young people and which resulted in significant damage being caused on the Palmira promenade.

Calvia police will be stepping up patrols tonight in the Paguera area; a special unit of officers is being drafted in. Last weekend's fight led to damage at three cafés, a restaurant and the kiosk that sells boat tickets as well as to municipal property. Among those who took part were minors. Indeed, it is suggested that the majority were underage.

Progress has been made in identifying some of those involved last Saturday, and it would appear that there were organised groups of young people from Palma and different parts of the island, which suggests that there may have been more to what happened on Saturday than just a scrap because of street drinking. There was, nevertheless, evidence that most who took part were under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both.

Meanwhile, the town hall has released figures about "incidents" such as the one last weekend. These show that the greatest number this year - 104 - was in July. In October there were 36 and in November there were 19. Perhaps as relevant, however, would be information regarding the scale of incidents, as the number of people involved can vary greatly. Last Saturday it was initially reported that there were around 100. This has now been revised down by a half.