Miquel Ensenyat, president of the Council of Majorca, arranging the nativity scene.


In recent days in the Bulletin we have highlighted nativity scenes and the artistic endeavours of those people who make these scenes. To these people can now be added the president of the Council of Majorca, Miquel Ensenyat, who took it upon himself to organise and design the nativity at the Council's headquarters in calle Palau Reial in Palma.

At the weekend, Ensenyat arranged bales of hay and baskets of fruit. The centrepiece of the scene is a sculpture by Pere Pujol. This shows Mary with the baby Jesus and it is the property of the Council. It hasn't until now been exhibited in the entrance to the building.

Ensenyat said that the scene is representative of the island, with oranges, lemons, mandarins, pomegranates and carobs all being island produce. Also featured in the scene is the poinsettia, a plant that is to be found in many homes at Christmastime.