The Council of Majorca wants powers to run public transport.


The regional government has recently transferred certain responsibilities to the Council of Majorca. These have been for some social services functions and for tourism promotion. At the time that these transfers were being effected, we noted in the Bulletin that they corresponded with ambitions expressed by the president of the Council, Miquel Ensenyat, for a more powerful "Majorcan government", i.e. the Council.

There are now other targets for the president. At a meeting with the presidents of Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera which is to be held next week, Ensenyat will be presenting proposals for the government to pass responsibility for public transport services to the Council as well. Specifically, he has in mind the SFM rail operator and the TIB bus network.

At present, these two services fall under the regional transport ministry, which is in the process of drawing up and implementing a comprehensive revision of public transport. This includes, for instance, the rationalisation of the number of companies with bus service concessions and new services to be introduced from the start of 2019.

Despite the government having come up with its plan, the Council has seemingly drafted its own, and this contemplates it assuming responsibilities. The government has not as yet offered any indication that it will be transferring these responsibilities.


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Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

Could I suggest that when the DB writes about the Mallorca local government ( each island, including would you believe Formentera, has one ) it refers to it as Consell and not Council, so as readers who are not familiar with the political and administrative setup do not mistakenly believe you are talking about Palma’s or their local town hall.


Richard Prarson / Hace over 3 years

Another example of bureaucrats wasting their time and OUR money trying to solve something that doesn’t need solving instead of trying to find a solution for the 1000’s of families who are unable to find adequate housing at affordable prices.