The closed Niki desk at Palma.


The Balearic government's ports and airports department is concerned about the impact of the business collapse of airlines in recent weeks. Niki's bankruptcy follows that of Monarch and the ending of Air Berlin operations.

The director-general, Xavier Ramis, notes that these failures mean fewer seats and higher prices. There is also a potential loss of competitiveness by comparison with other destinations, and this could be concerning for the 2018 tourism season.

With competitor destinations offering incentives to attract tourists away from the Balearics, Ramis believes that prices currently on offer for German passengers travelling between Majorca and Germany don't help with tourist bookings.

The immediate effect has been to push up prices over the festive period, and these obviously affect both tourists and residents.

The ports and airports department is therefore going to be holding meetings with low-cost airlines. Ramis says that there have already been approaches to half a dozen airlines of a similar nature to Air Berlin and Niki. There is great demand for Majorca in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so he believes there is business viability for other airlines.

With German residents of Majorca, he adds, the collapse of Niki has had a negative effect because of the number of trips that are typically booked well in advance.


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Jeremy / Hace over 3 years

This is getting " interesting". Monarch went bust and Norwegian are no longer flying to Mallorca in the summer as they have now tied up with Easyjet for long haul and seem to no longer directly compete as part of that deal.

Tui have a bas on the Island apparently but for the May half term it is £525 return, Easyjet is worse and some £400 one way on the Saturday 26th May.

I have a boat there and commute back and forward, but these prices are enough to push me away. £2k in flights alone to get to Mallorca.... I assume that the ministry will get their wish id 1m less tourists. Bear in mind mallorca is a lovely place to keep a boat - but it costs E25,000 to moor it vs E10,000 on the mainland. Start to add in daft flight prices and the cost of fuel to just visit in the summer starts to look pretty attractive. Watch out Mallorca.


Frank H / Hace over 3 years

It's supply and demand I'm afraid. If they stopped charging more when they could they would go under also or the cost of flights at quieter times would have to go up and some people wouldn't be happy with that. The big players in the airline industry do make millions but the percentage of profit on turnover is low.


S. / Hace over 3 years

As another observation , at the end of the Season, the last week in October , sees the Low Cost Carriers raising their seat prices to several hundred pounds. The Carriers do this every year end, when they know those who have worked the Season, are returning to the UK. Also, prior to the Easter period, and just after , again the Carriers raise their seat prices. During the main School Holidays, prices are increased, when familys go on holiday. One day , this form of extortion by the Airlines, will be stopped and controlled---I HOPE !!!.


Mike / Hace over 3 years

I flew back last night with ryanair and it doesn’t help with the image of mallorca when you see and hear ground staff swearing and abusing the captain and crew ryanair are not really the airline you want to have your pathetic staff upsetting as O’Leary will just pull out and then you may as well Close the island I hope that whoever was responsible for last nights altercation is at the job centre Monday morning what a clown ? ,,,


S. / Hace over 3 years

S. / Hace 1 day Having seen the extortionate flight costs for the week before Xmas. Plus the week after the New Year. Caused by the lack of available Flights. I can appreciate what the department is concerned about. Further investigation into the cost of flights in April to October next year, endorses these concerns. The Low Cost Carriers , have already raised their prices --now !.. Those people who work or study in the UK , returning when work/study stops for the festive period, will be paying a lot of money to visit Mallorca, and again to return to work/study in the New Year. The Carriers know there are less available seats etc. ,so they capitalise by raising their costs.