Further development at Cala Carbó was stopped because of government measures. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Pollensa town hall will not have to pay Compensation to the owners of plots in Cala Carbó (Cala San Vicente) that were prevented from being developed in 2008.

The Balearic High Court has dismissed an appeal by the owners against a ruling that had gone in the town hall's favour a year ago. The court has upheld this decision, which means that the town hall will not be liable for a demand of 353,000 euros.

The case of Cala Carbó goes back to 1990. In that year, Pollensa town hall classified land for development, much of which was. In 2008, the regional government introduced various measures to block developments, and Cala Carbó was defined as being in the Tramuntana natural area of special interest.

The owners have primarily been pursuing compensation from the government. A figure of 140 million euros was once being demanded. A court ruling set compensation of 5.6 million euros for four owners; the government has since appealed against this.

As for the town hall, it is obviously satisfied with the latest court decision. Mayor Miquel Àngel March says that the text of the ruling explains that the town hall had no responsibility for the area being classified as it was in 2008. This was solely the responsibility of parliament and the government.