Artist Georgina Gamundí with her tribute to Clara Hammerl. | CURRO VIERA


Pollensa mayor Miquel Àngel March said on Sunday that an "historical injustice" was being rectified by the recognition given to Clara Hammerl.

The wife of Guillem Cifre de Colonya, the founder of the Colonya cooperative savings bank, Hammerl was originally from what is now Poland (then Prussia). In 1908, following her husband's suicide, she became the first female director of a Spanish bank. She was also dedicated to the liberal education that she and her husband had established in Pollensa.

Since 2008 there has been growing appreciation of Hammerl's contribution to Pollensa and to Majorca. A secondary school is named after her, and she was named a daughter of Pollensa in 2013.

As a tribute to her, a bust was unveiled in the Plaça Seglars on Sunday (this is the square at the foot of the Calvari steps). Local artist Georgina Gamundí wished to reflect her wisdom and the strength she displayed despite adversities.

Like Guillem Cifre, the name of Clara Hammerl was largely forgotten during the years of the Franco regime. It has only been in the past ten years that there has been a true acknowledgement of her achievements in education and in ethical banking, both of these having been guided by principles of social justice.