Bel Busquets (right) took her seat as vice-president for the first time.


It was the first day of the debate on the 2018 budget in the Balearic parliament yesterday. It was also the first day for the new vice-president, Bel Busquets, who sat next to President Armengol.

The opposition took the opportunity to highlight the government's instability. The Partido Popular and El Pi both suggested that the 2018 budget will be the last one that the government is able to agree, as it will be unable to when it comes to the budget for 2019 - the year of the next election. Antoni Camps of the PP suggested that the government is "divided, without ideas and counting the days until the end of its term". It is, he concluded, a "broken and disunited government".

The PP called for there to be a tax reduction valued at 108 million euros. El Pi also wanted taxes to be cut. Carlos Saura of Podemos branded the PP's tax reduction demand "cynical and hypocritical". He stressed the social improvements made to the Balearic budget, and declared that the islands are "an oasis in the Rajoy desert".

Nel Martí of Més Minorca described the PP tax reduction proposal as irresponsible and asserted that the budget in 2019 would be "even better" than that for 2018.

Included in the 2018 budget is the 95,000 euros salary for the director of the new anti-corruption office. The appointment of the director, Jaume Far, was confirmed by a government majority. Xavier Pericay of Ciudadanos said that the salary is "outrageous".