The government's Christmas drinks yesterday.

At the government's Christmas drinks at its Consolat de Mar headquarters yesterday, President Armengol celebrated the fact that political and civil society had come together in 2017 to present a "single voice" demanding a special economic regime (REB) for the Balearics.

This is a goal, she said, that the government will continue to work towards in 2018, believing that the REB will finally come into effect and therefore "end injustices that are still occurring and achieve conditions of equality with respect to other Spanish regions".

The president welcomed the signing of the salary agreements for the retail and hospitality sectors. "Workers will see their salaries increase at this time of economic growth." She also said that the budget for 2018, now fully approved by parliament, will benefit "many citizens" and share economic growth in a better way.

Armengol wished journalists a happy new year and showed her gratitude for what they contribute to a society that is "plural and diverse, freer and more democratic". They help in raising and examining issues not just in the Balearics and Spain but also in the wider world.

Bel Busquets, the new vice-president, referred to the government's "strength and continuity". She said that the government is firm on economic policies aimed at the "diversification of the economic model" and is also firm on social policies and "service to the citizenship".