Can Ramis when it was completed but before it was in use. | Andrew Ede

The Can Ramis building by the market area in Alcudia is to be adapted to include a social area for the town's elderly people.

The town hall has awarded a tender for work to be done to the ground floor of the main part of the building. This is currently used as municipal offices; it is, for example, for registrations on the "padrón".  

The work will cost 178,000 euros and take three months. Once completed, there will be a café and two rooms with panel walls that can be moved in order to give flexibility according to need. The current base for senior citizens - the bar near to the town hall - will in future house municipal services.

Can Ramis was a project of the 2007-2011 town hall administration of the Unió Mallorquina mayor Miquel Ferrer. It went over budget and was denounced by the Partido Popular; the case was archived. The original plan for Can Ramis did envisage there being a café, though not specifically for the elderly.