Carlos Delgado (left), who was tourism minister from June 2011 to the end of 2013, and his successor, Jaime Martínez. | MDB


The judge investigating the "caso Rocamar" has imputed former tourism minister Carlos Delgado, meaning that he is under investigation without having been charged with anything.

The Rocamar case refers to the now demolished hotel in Soller and the amount of compensation that was paid to the owner by the tourism ministry. The judge has in fact cited all those who were present at a meeting of the board that decides spending from the ministry's fund of tourist accommodation places. The meeting in question took place on 30 July 2012. Delgado's successor as minister, Jaime Martínez, is already under investigation for the same case.

Charges, if they were to be made, would include trafficking of influence, misuse of funds and making a decision knowing it to be illegal ("prevaricación").

The case surrounds the apparently inflated amount that was paid for the hotel, which had been closed for many years and was in a state of abandonment. The government decided to acquire the hotel and then proceed to demolish it. A well-known architect gave a valuation of 285,000 euros, but 971,000 euros was the amount eventually paid. The head of the inspectorate at the ministry was one of those involved in the affair. His father loaned money to the owner, and this loan was the same as what was subsequently paid by the government.

Delgado is due to appear before the judge on 14 February.