The stones - a "disaster" for the landscape. | Michel's


The Costas Authority knows who was responsible for the cementing of pointed stones on surfaces by the beach in Bendinat. Complaints from residents about the stones had been lodged with Calvia town hall, and it was looking into who was responsible. It would appear, however, that the Costas already knew - inspectors had in fact noted that the work was going on.

These surfaces, including the roof of a boathouse, are used by sunbathers in the summer. The stones, according to the town hall, represented an "unacceptable attack" on the environment. The Costas consider the work to be a "disaster" for the landscape.

As the work was done in the area of coastal public domain, it is the Costas Authority which is responsible for the granting of any building authorisation. There was none. The work is said to have been commissioned by someone who lives in the immediate area. Not even the owner of the boathouse was aware that it was being done.

The Costas will therefore be demanding that the stones are removed and everything is restored to how it was. There will also be a fine. In addition, the town hall will receive a report and it will launch its own proceedings, which will mean another fine for breach of planning regulations.