President Armengol talking to the chief representatives of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation.

18-01-2018Ruiz Collado

Despite talk of the loss of tourists because of the doubling of the tourist tax and the recovery of competitor destinations, noises emerging from the Fitur international tourism fair suggest that the Balearics are on course for yet another record summer.

The leading hotel groups - Barceló, Globalia, Iberostar, Meliá, Piñero and Riu - are all pointing to there being higher occupancy than last year. There is still plenty of capacity to be sold, but the general view is that sales are currently going well. The word from Barceló, Globalia and Iberostar was much the same. The Balearics are going to have an exceptional tourism season. (This said, Carmen Riu, when confronting President Armengol during the debate at the Exceltur pre-Fitur conference, reckoned that the doubling of the tourist tax will mean the loss of tourists.)

Investment in hotel modernisation is also destined to be high this year. Before the tourism season's official start of 1 May, it is estimated that 300 million euros will have been invested. This relates to projects that had been registered with the tourism ministry by July last year. There is, however, some uncertainty as to what will happen when these projects are finished. The deadline for project registration expired in July; this was under the terms of the 2012 tourism law.

President Armengol, the tourism minister Bel Busquets and the finance minister Catalina Cladera held a meeting with the new faces at the head of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, and there was discussion of the impact of the special economic regime (REB) that is due to be implemented later this year. The REB will include tax incentives for hotel companies which invest in technology innovation. In addition to the new fund for Balearic insularity, the national finance ministry has promised that there will be investment in innovation projects in the tourism sector.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Actually,Lawrie,it's a long way of what I wrote and the new clear as mud regulations on renting apartments are going to insure that hotels are the only accommodation options on Majorca so let us both see what the effects will be on Majorca and employment in the next four or five years,I think they are going to be disastrous but I hope I am wrong,the next few years will tell.


Willky 23 / Hace over 4 years

Lawrie. They won't be next season because it has been private apartment rentals that have kept those business going. I hope I'm wrong.


Lawrie / Hace over 4 years

Ok Henry I might not have the statement spot on but I'm not far away. And on the all inclusive carry on. Whi!e I'm absolutely against them I dont think they have quite the impact you say. Take Palma Nova for instance a resort choc full of A.I. hotels. In the summer the bars and restaurants are full to the gunnels. Hows that?


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Lawrie,first and foremost,that sentence you place in inverted commas is not what I actually said,if you are going to attribute quotas to me or anyone,then at least get it right. Secondly,it's not compulsory to read any comments.


Lawrie / Hace over 4 years

Henry " Benidorm has more class than the whole of Mallorca" James, will you give it a rest! Yes all inclusive hotels impact on bars, restaurants and the like but on the other side of the coin they employ thousands of workers who spend into the economy as well. Also I know lots of families who use all inclusive because it suits them during the day. It keeps the kids happy. At night they go out and spend in the local bars etc. Its not all black and white.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

Of course the projected hotel numers have risen - that's likely due to the lengthy and pedantic process that apartment owners have to go through to be able to legally let to tourists. If people love coming here but find their normal rentals gone, the only option is hotels. The hoteliers now run this island.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Why this obsession with numbers.?The numbers of tourists is irrelevant if most of them are staying in all-inclusive or half-board hotels and spending very little in the resorts and bars,cafes,restaurants and all other complimentary services are forced to close,resulting in fewer job opportunities because those who used to keep the complimentary services going are no longer doing so because they can no longer rent an apartment.? Majorca might have a good season or rather the hoteliers might but will anybody else.?


Steve / Hace over 4 years

The palia puerto Del sol in calador should be at the top of there list it’s delapadated run down and falling into disrepair and it could be a a license to print money if it was modernised and brought up too standard


S. / Hace over 4 years

I hope the Passport Control problem is resolved. I hope the threat of "Strikes " are averted. That the FRENCH AIR TRAFFIC controllers strike less. That Tourists are aware of their Tax payments. That some All Inclusive tariffs have been vastly improved, particularly foods and drink availability. Then it may be a good Season from May to September.