In 2009 there was a protest against restrictions on access to Ternelles. | Teresa Ayuga


The dispute is continuing between Pollensa town hall and the owners of the Ternelles finca (ultimately the March family). The Mediterranean Wildlife Foundation, which has been put in charge of guided visits of the finca by the owners, has said that visits will now only be permitted by people who have registered with it to do so. On Monday, despite this new regulation, local police were assigned to the finca entrance to allow hikers to have access arranged by the town hall. They were allowed in.

Pollensa's mayor, Miquel Àngel March, recognises that it will be impossible to maintain a permanent police presence. He recommends anyone who finds that the barriers are shut and access denied to contact the police. "I hope there'll be no need for reinforcements. I trust that there will not be problems."

The town hall still maintains that it has the right to organise access and to do so without guides. As long ago as 2002 there was a report from the University of the Balearic Islands, which had been requested by the town hall and the Council of Majorca, which established the need for guided visits in order to mitigate the negative impact of public use of the finca. Nevertheless, the town hall has since 2006 been arranging authorisations without guides.

The owners maintain that having guides is a means of protecting the black vulture population at Cala Castell and the Castell del Rei. The mayor argues, however, that the population has grown more than ever during the time that the town hall been giving authorisation for groups up to a maximum of twenty. The Council of Majorca's director for the environment, Josep Manchado, has expressed his total support for the town hall's position and has said that he is available to assist in the dispute.