The main target for the protest was the Petit Deià development. | Jaume Morey


Some two hundred people marched through Deià on Sunday in protest against the development that is known as Petit Deià. This was organised by a group "Volem un Deià petit", the word order switched to emphasise the fact that it wants to keep Deià small and to not have this new development.

The peaceful protest had various slogans, such as not destroying Deià and there being no more speculation. At the Joan Mas amphitheatre, speakers included Lluís Apesteguía of Més, who is an opposition councillor in Deià and also the main advisor to Bel Busquets at the tourism ministry.

There was a demand that the town hall adopts new urban planning regulations in order to prevent developments like Petit Deià. It is argued that the development is "another example" of speculative growth that will affect Deià and which will not solve housing needs of residents.

There was also criticism of hotel development in Deià despite the village being unable to cope with this. Water has to be brought by trucks from Palma, and there aren't sufficient parking places.

"Uncontrolled holiday rental" was another target for the protesters. This, along with new developments, is turning Deià into a place without life for much of the year, with some 40% of the 705 dwellings in Deià belonging to wealthy individuals who use them predominantly as second homes.