Cars on their way to the lighthouse in Formentor. | Pilar Pellicer


The Council of Majorca has released figures that indicate the number of vehicles using the roads for Formentor, Sa Calobra and Port de Valldemossa. These are three parts of the island where particular concern has been expressed about excessive traffic.

Between May and October last year, there was a daily average of 10,122 cars on these three roads. The highest number was for Formentor. In September, there was a daily average of 3,354 vehicles which went as far as the beach; 5,200 more carried on to the lighthouse.

There is to be a meeting within the next few days between Council of Majorca, regional government and town hall representatives to discuss possible limits on the number of private vehicles in order to alleviate traffic congestion. The mayor of one of the town halls, Miquel Àngel March of Pollensa, says that there is a degree of consensus regarding limits at certain times during the high season.

The peak in traffic is not in July or August but in September; this is the case with each of the three roads. Sa Calobra's daily average in September last year was 2,284 cars; Port de Valldemossa's was 842. The combined average total for the three roads in September was therefore 11,680.

The figures aren't totally complete in that the Council did not undertake counts on every single day between May and October. The counts were on alternate days, so there is an element of estimate. Nevertheless, the numbers are taken to be more or less representative of the average traffic levels on the three roads.

As well as cars, the Council checked on the number of bikes. In September, there were 1,223 bikes per day going to Formentor beach; 1,025 to Sa Calobra; and 146 to Port de Valldemossa. Overall, May was the month with the greatest number of bikes.

* The figures are difficult to interpret. As there are no comparative data for previous years, it is hard to assess increases in traffic that are said to have occurred over the past two to three summers.