Transport minister Marc Pons (third right) with others in Inca yesterday. | MDB

As part of the reorganisation of the bus network in Majorca, Inca is to become a centre for services into the Tramuntana. Key to this will be a train-bus-car transfer facility (inter-modal station), so that passengers can take the bus services.

Transport minister Marc Pons visited the work yesterday. There are to be two new bus stops at the site on the Sineu road as well as 120 parking spaces; the work is due to be completed by August. In addition, there will be 300 spaces at the underground car park at the Plaça Antoni Mateu next to the bus station. Work on creating these is also under way. Funds for all this are coming from the tourist tax (365,000 euros).

The bus network reorganisation is scheduled to be effective from the start of 2019. A government objective is to increase total bus demand by 25%. The number of operators is to also be rationalised.

Also visiting Inca yesterday was the Council of Majorca's councillor for infrastructure, Mercedes Garrido. She spoke about the proposed northern bypass for the town, which has been the subject of a great deal of controversy and political disagreement. The bypass, she said, will not go ahead during the period of the current administration, which ends in spring next year.