Traffic in Soller has increased since the tunnel was made free. | MDB


The Partido Popular in Soller claim that the mayor, Jaume Servera (of Més), was lying about the effects on traffic of making the Soller Tunnel free. The mayor, insist the PP, had said that there would just be an increase in the number of vehicles and visitors during the first few weeks. "It is clear that the pressure from visitors has only just begun."

The PP say that over the Easter holidays the pressure was "unsustainable". The main road on Easter Monday had intensive levels of traffic, given that the tunnel and this road are the principal means of access to the Tramuntana Mountains.

The town hall in fact installed a road sign on Thursday which is designed to allow only a minimum number of vehicles going directly into the centre of Soller. The mayor says that this is a "dissuasive measure" and that residents of Soller and Fornalutx and service vehicles can still come into the centre.

Nevertheless, the PP argue that the town hall has done nothing to improve traffic circulation. After four months of the tunnel being free, "it has not created a single new parking space". The party adds that there are many people in Soller who are annoyed that the tunnel was made free without there being any form of provision for what should have been predicted.