Yesterday's drugs operation in Palma. | MDB


At least ten people were arrested yesterday as a result of a major narcotics operation in the Palma district of Son Gotleu, where a couple were arrested on Wednesday for having attacked their neighbour with a piece of tubing.

Over 90 members of various National Police units, many of them heavily armed, were involved in the morning raid called Operation Alhambra. Those arrested were charged with offences ranging from drug trafficking and dealing, illegal immigration and defrauding electricity companies.

Nine properties were raided and searched, and police seized marijuana and hashish along with sets of scales and other items of equipment used for the preparation and sale of drugs. Cash was also confiscated.

Sources close to the operation said yesterday that the operation had been months in the planning and that the investigation is still ongoing with further arrests not being ruled out.

Police sources also fear that with the shanty town and the heart of the local drugs’ industry, Son Banya, due for demolition, there could be a turf war brewing, with the Son Banya clans, traffickers and dealers looking for new locations to operate from, There are concerns that some may try and move into Son Gotleu which could lead to a "clash of interests".