The Council of Majorca is proposing that there is a Balearics police force like Catalonia's Mossos. | Efe


The national government delegate in the Balearics, Maria Salom, has rejected the Council of Majorca's proposal for an autonomous police force in the Balearics along the lines of Catalonia's Mossos.

She said yesterday that it "is a mistaken proposal, totally removed from the real security needs of the islands and of the whole of Spain, and which could in fact go against police effectiveness".

Salom stressed her "total support to the great professionals in the National Police and Guardia Civil" and insisted that, within the context of an united Europe, these state security forces are coordinating with other countries' police. "They are sharing information and strategies to counter threats such as Islamist fanaticism and for dealing with drug and human trafficking."

An autonomous police force, she argued, would lead to "dysfunction". "Nationalism will not bring any good to the Balearics in terms of security."

Noting the increases in numbers of both National Police and Guardia Civil officers as set out in the 2017 state budget, she explained that this will mean more officers permanently based in the Balearics and that they will be better paid and have improved and new resources.