Water is flowing from the reservoirs into the torrents.


The latest rains have filled the Cuber and Gorg Blau reservoirs to overflowing for the second time this year. With more heavy rain having been expected yesterday (correctly so), the government's emergencies department and the 112 emergency service placed a weekend ban on anyone going along the Sa Fosca, Paréis and Almadrà torrent streams. Hikers are being advised to exercise maximum caution.

The Palma municipal services agency Emaya is now extracting water from the reservoirs, having stopped doing so last November. The agency is currently taking the maximum amount possible - 500 litres per second. At present, some 30% of the city's water supply is coming from the reservoirs.

In order to optimise the use of water, Emaya, the government water agency Abaqua and the water resources directorate have decided - as they did last year - that Emaya will supply Abaqua 30,000 cubic metres of water per day in order to raise aquifer levels and to supply other municipalities. 

The Aemet met agency has reported that not including rain which fell on Saturday, the accumulated rainfall thus far this year is around half the annual rainfall in Majorca. Since 1 January, there have been an average 259 litres per square metre; the annual norm is 529 litres.