Scene of the incident in Muro. | Vasil Vasilev


A drunk driver who collided with a cyclist and drove off faces a possible thirty months prison sentence.

The trial of the driver will concern what happened at around quarter to seven in the evening of 6 April, 2013. A 39-year-old man hit one member of a group of eight cyclists along the road between Muro town and Can Picafort. The one cyclist collided with the other members of the group. All eight were knocked off their bikes and sustained various types of injury. Six had to be taken to hospital.

The driver didn't stop. The Guardia Civil found some pieces from the car, including a wing mirror, at the scene. They were able to ascertain that the car was a 12-year-old Peugeot 206 and that the car belonged to a Muro resident. Not long afterwards, the car was found in a street in Muro. The pieces found at the scene of the accident were from the car.

Officers questioned the owner, who said that his son had been driving the vehicle. He was in turn given a breath test, which was positive. He was arrested and it was found that he had a previous conviction for violating road safety.