Parking is said to be adding to traffic problems.

24-04-2018Lluc Garcia

Residents in the Soller Valley say that traffic saturation since the Soller Tunnel toll was removed is a fact and that it is not merely a "perception". They are suggesting that the increase is "alarming". Local police confirm that there is more traffic, and town halls (Soller and Fornalutx) are looking to the Council of Majorca roads department to apply control measures at weekends. An example of the need for such measures is the parking of cars on the Fornalutx road. This is said to be contributing to traffic problems.

The Council of Majorca, however, doesn't have up-to-date figures on traffic. The index of average daily traffic intensity for all main roads in Majorca is made public in June and it relates to the previous year. Given this, there are unlikely to be hard and fast data for traffic going through the tunnel until June 2019. The Council will therefore be unable to provide accurate traffic information related to the toll's removal until then.

In January, just after the toll was scrapped, the roads department nevertheless offered some data. There had only been a 5.5% increase compared with January 2017 - up to around 8,000 vehicles a day.

One of the criticisms made of the Council's decision to make the tunnel free was that it failed to take account of the potential impact of increased traffic.


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Richard / Hace over 3 years

Adam, I broadly agree with you (and Shirley) although I am always an advocate of balance, not more, more, more. That said, thanks for adding the Shirley Roberts piece. Helping with poverty here is not something we’re good at or even comprehend.


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 3 years

Hallo Adam. I think you understood me wrongly or I wrongly expressed myself. All I wanted to say was that I am concerned regarding the toll free tunnel ( I never complained paying the amount ) I am also in favor of tourist tax. ISurely it will have an impact in the peak months ( which we still need to iit is recently toll free. I also mentionned also before that the tunnel should have been free for workers-residents etc .Opening the tunnel should have been prepared fe parking space- bus transfers to avoid what still is to come. Have a nice evening


Adam Laithwaite / Hace over 3 years

I live in Soller and this picture was taken on May Day possibly the busiest day of the year for traffic...everybody is off work on the island! The photo is also at first misleading, the cars facing away are parked not queing. I have not noticed any increase in traffic at all other than the normal increase for this time of year. Of course there are tourists arriving and the influx of May Day weekend I fear has been used to sensationalise another Daily Bulletin article including the headline. Who said it was increasing "alarmingly"? You quote (which?) residents...who 'suggest' it is alarming ?

Mike (Belgium) Im assuming you live in Belgium and are not a resident? I find your posts somewhat assumptive if you dont live here...the tunnel has never been free for residents we get a discount which we are supposed to get back. I have still yet to have my money returned. Are you the tourist who complained about tourists having to pay more than residents for the train? I suspect it was someone of the same ilk. Residents now have to pay the same as tourists because of that complaint.

Courtesy of Soller Web today: Too many people in Mallorca – I don’t think so…

By Shirley Roberts on 2nd May 2018

The European Recession hit Mallorca officially in 2008 making this year its 10th anniversary. For many individuals and companies, the downturn was well underway by then. People from the UK and other countries started to leave this island as they couldn’t afford to stay and fight the benefit system when they were unemployed. It was far easier to go back to the rules they understood. Many others put their houses on the market to try to get back to the UK except that nothing was selling and this proved impossible.

In that time the poverty level dropped to 40% and local children were officially ‘poor and needy’.

In 2018 the tide has turned, up to a point. We now have a child poverty ratio of 30%. The majority of workers are paid minimum wage. The 1000 euro a month that was the core wage 10 years ago – is still the core wage for many today.

For local people and all who lived through that period and were financially affected by it, their mind set has never returned to pre 2008 levels.

Now, some new discoverers of the Soller Valley, bemoan the fact that it is too crowded and how they want to turn the clock back to the unspoilt glory days. It may not surprise you to know that the vast majority who live here do not agree with you.

Visitors mean jobs and jobs mean money to support families.

When La Caixa Bank launches this year’s milk campaign for the summer for the hungry children of Mallorca please dig deep. The reality of their world means that 12 weeks holiday without school dinners means they are often not properly fed for the summer.

I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their viewpoint. All I would ask, when you bemoan the fact that the shoppers and beach lovers are here spoiling your view and getting in your way, is to reflect and consider the much bigger picture.


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 3 years

Hi George I think I do mate I knew it even before the t tunnel ( somewhere in the eighties ) Soller Fornalutx etc r is already many many years too busy for what it can cope with. I follow your bus idea, but anyhow the 10 € to and back keeps a certain amount visitors in control. Nothing to with moaning just true perception throughout the years and the results of not managing the outcome of the toll free decision


George / Hace over 3 years

Mike you have no knowledge of the history of the Soller tunnel !!

It will all quiet down soon as people whom live on the island will get used to the fact that it is too busy and will avoid it.

Increase the bus service direct to Soller and out - more people would be encouraged not to take their car for the day.

It has always been very busy since the island got out of the recession.

Will you all stop moaning.


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 3 years

Measuring figures in January to come to these conclusions is a very simple Mallorcan way of thinking.. Every reasonable person knows what the impact will be as from May-June until October, you do not need to have gone to university for this. Why did they not keep it as it was and only give locals- workers etc free passage. They only talk of Soller and Fornalutx but what about the the road to the port-the port itself-the beaches etc. Well Mallorcan authorities you have finally achieved to spoil a very special places and region .which will affect every Solleric, foreign resident, tourist who come ( or rather came ) for what is ( or rather for what it was Very sad. We will be there again in a few days and we go with mixed feelings