Megasport closing down.

03-05-2018Julián Aguirre

The Cursach Group Megasport is due to close on Friday night. The management of the gym, which is located not far from the Son Moix Stadium in Palma, has apparently been unable to meet demands made by the town hall. The closure is permanent. The Cursach Group says that a decree issued by the mayor's department on Wednesday gave the company 48 hours to close a significant part of the complex. The decree left "no margin" to be able to continue activity at Megasport. The closure will affect 200 jobs and 9,000 members. 

A partial closure had been ordered by the town hall. This included what had been office areas which had been converted for gym use.

A statement from the town hall's urban planning department explains that it had decreed the adoption of "precautionary measures", i.e. the partial suspension of business activity in various parts of the complex until planning legality and the physical layout were restored. This refers to the need to readjust business activities according to the building's licences. The order was made following an inspection of the building.

In addition, the town hall demanded a reduction in capacity from 1,550 people to 1,483.

As well as the use of offices, parking and storage being used as gym space without the relevant licence, the order itemises suspensions of specific activities. These include three squash courts not covered by the conditions of the licence and extensions to the spa areas, which were not provided for in the licence conditions.

The deputy mayor for urban planning, José Hila, says that the closure announcement is a "business decision", that the town hall had wanted what is expected of other establishments - to meet licence requirements - and that the town hall's order did not affect the whole complex.

Cursach Group woes

* BCM, the club in Magalluf, has been closed since April last year. The closure was ordered by Calvia town hall because of planning permission breaches. Its reopening is dependent upon rectifying these breaches. At present, there is no sign of it reopening.

* Palma town hall ordered the partial closure of Mega Park in Arenal at the start of last month. Some 50% of its activity is suspended because of licence violations.

* The Pacha Group terminated the franchise agreement with the Cursach Group soon after Bartolomé Cursach was arrested last year. Earlier this year, the Cursach Group gave up the licence for the club premises on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma.


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

It seems to me that perhaps some people have not received their brown envelope as all these "infringements" have existed for years and were allowed to do so provided the brown envelopes kept coming.