National Police officers who investigated the out-of-date food.

08-05-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

The National Police yesterday confirmed that they have seized over 2,000 kilos of food, which was either out of date or in a poor condition, from a food distribution company (Cárnicas Luis) on the Son Bugadelles industrial estate in Santa Ponsa.

The police reported yesterday that Operation Pork resulted in the arrest of four people from the same family who will have to answer for the poor quality food and for apparent labour abuse.

According to the police, who have been investigating the company since January, staff were being made to work for 84 hours a week and were paid between 1,000 and 1,200 euros a month with no overtime or holiday rights. Staff were also being sacked for falling ill or suffering an accident at work and were forced to drive vehicles not fit to be on the road.

The majority of people employed by the company were in fear of losing their jobs because they needed the money. Their employment status was therefore highly precarious.

The police also say that employees have told them that they were instructed to wash away mould from meat using bleach and KH7, a de-greasing cleaning product. Furthermore, employees report that there were rats in the storage facilities.


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

I suspect that there are more than two companies involved in selling out of date and contaminated food. The hotels should be investigated because somebody has knowingly bought sub-standard food so clearly,a lot of the food poisoning claims will have been genuine. Is ABTA shouting about this scandal.? no,thought not.


Welshman / Hace over 3 years

Never any smoke without fire and it looks like the police have plenty of evidence (2tonnes of it)


Stuart Mead / Hace over 3 years

I suppose now that there will be an increase in cheese sandwiches in tourists cases to be taxed now.


Dreampast / Hace over 3 years

Well I can remember 2017 being a Bumper Year for Tourists Food Poisioning Claims which the Mallorcan Government was quick to condem as Fake Insurance Claims! I wonder just how many of these False claims were actually Viable Claims- Seems like this company and the other one in Felanix supplies the Hotels and businesses in Santa Ponsa, Magaluf areas - I hope the Local Health & Hygiene inspectors close these unscrupulous businesses and Jail the owners! Looks like Insurance Companies will have a field day if Tourists can link where they ate to these businesses


Bart / Hace over 3 years

Can you imagine the potential damage to tourism here if a story like this gets picked up by the main stream media.


Fred / Hace over 3 years

Not always everything that employees say is true.

You are never more than 3 metres away from a rat in London.


juan love / Hace over 3 years

Just rats?

No cucharachas?

Judging by the quality of food that is distributed to some of the retailer's bars in Santa Ponsa, this cannot be a huge surprise.