Professor Barry Barish.

On 21 June, Barry Barish, who was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics, will make a presentation at Palma Auditorium. This will be at a conference entitled "Gravitational Waves: From Einstein to the new science". It is organised by Ultima Hora and the University of the Balearic Islands, which respectively are celebrating 125th and 40th anniversaries.

The conference with Professor Barish will include consideration of "discovering the enigmas of the universe" to which Alicia Sintés, professor of theoretical physics at the university will be contributing. She is head of the relativity and gravitational group and was involved with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration for which Professor Barish, Reiner Weiss and Kip Thorne received the Nobel Prize.

Others taking part will be Jaume Carot, vice-rector of research and internationalisation at the university and also a professor of theoretical physics, and Javier Santaolalla, doctor of physics and telecommunications engineer who was a co-founder of Big Van, a group of scientists who present on a YouTube channel "Date un voltio" (give yourself a volt). His presentation will be about "superheroes with lab coats".

Professor Barish's contribution will be one of the most important events for scientific dissemination that has ever been held in Majorca.

Free entrance to the conference can be obtained online at, or in person at Passeig Mallorca 9, Palma or at the offices of Ultima Hora in Inca and Manacor as well as at the university's student attention office.