Maria Frontera at the confirmation of her election as hoteliers president. They were all happy then, including the tourism minister Bel Busquets.

15-01-2018Jaume Morey

The president of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, Maria Frontera, is accusing the Balearic government of not providing any information about how the revenue from the tourist tax is being invested. "The opacity is total, and this concerns us as we don't know where the money is going."

Frontera adds that information has been requested for some months but that the government has not given any response. "We hope that the revenue is not going towards current costs. This is why we have asked repeatedly for information about the nature of projects and the extent to which they have been carried out."

The hoteliers note that tourists were taken by surprise when the tax doubled on 1 May. "They pay but they also ask for information on what projects are being undertaken and if they are improving Majorca's tourism infrastructure."

Frontera suggests that there are complaints in resorts because of the poor condition of infrastructure. "Businesspeople are telling us about complaints made to town halls about infrastructure and problems with the awarding of licences for work." Most affected in this regard, she says, are Calvia, Alcudia and Cala Millor.

At present, Frontera explains, hotel occupancy is around three per cent down on what it was last year. She observes that some tourists will choose not to come to Majorca because of the tourist tax, while on top of this there is the recovery of competitor destinations. Frontera is also critical of the government having put a stop to the process of hotel modernisation, which will have its own negative impact.

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David Sumner / Hace over 3 years

After 12 years of holidays in Mallorca, sometimes twice a year, the inceases in tax and holiday prices have finally made the decision for us. Booked to go to Crete in June. Same hotel standard but £400 cheaper.


Tom / Hace over 3 years

The are not going to tell you what they pocket now are they ?


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Come the end of September,those figures will be far higher than 3% thanks to the virtual parity of the pound and euro,anti-tourist demonstrations and the virtual ending of apartment rentals and almost every business other than the hotels will probably be a lot more than 3% down on their takings


Ged / Hace over 3 years

I think some tourists have the misconception that tourist tax is used to improve the the tourist facilities on the island. It's a tax on tourism which is the opposite of what tourists tend to think. Nothing wrong with the taxation at all. As has been stated, any number of destinations have the tax. It was never the main reason for me deciding not to holiday on the island. Just one of many.


RBMM / Hace over 3 years

Tourist tax is hardly unique. Lots of other countries also have tourist tax (for details please see Thus, tourists should be used to extra taxes by now.