The Majorca Fire Service engaged in a mountain rescue. | Bombers de Mallorca


The regional government's emergencies directorate has installed guidance signage at thirteen points in three of the most risky parts of the Tramuntana Mountains. The signs are designed to ensure safety and to reduce the need for rescues along the Pareis and Mortitx torrents and on the Puig Massanella.

These are also among the busiest parts of the mountains for hikers, and in explaining the installation of the signs, the minister for public administration, Catalina Cladera, said that they are ones where there has been the need for many rescues. She stressed the need for "caution" when in the mountains and hoped that hikers will now be able to enjoy their walks with greater security and with less worry.

Of the thirteen signage points, there are five for both the Puig Massanella and the Mortitix torrent and three for the Torrent de Pareis. So far this year, there have been four accidents and four searches at these places. In 2017, there were 21 accidents along the Torrent de Pareis alone.

The director-general for emergencies, Pere Perelló, has highlighted the importance of preventive measures and has declined to quantify the cost of rescues. They are all different, he noted, and so do not have a single cost. It all depends on personnel and resources requirements.

The signage project will be extended to other parts of the mountains. It is costing 19,435 euros and is a collaborative venture which also involves the environment ministry and the Guardia Civil and Majorca Fire Service mountain rescue units.

The 112 emergency service has a free app that can activate direct communication for help. It has GPS location and the facility to send photos of an incident. It is available for Android and iOS.