A Portuguese man o' war found in Ibiza recently. | MDB


A dead Portuguese man o' war has been found on the beach at El Molinar in Palma. The town hall suggests that it is an isolated case, saying that no other beaches in Palma have been affected. It has, nevertheless, activated a procedure of inspection, and the government's coastal directorate is involved with monitoring the area.

There was recently an alert in Ibiza, and with the discovery in Palma, the 112 emergency service is asking the public to notify it immediately if they encounter others.

The Portuguese man o' war isn't a jellyfish in the true sense as it is not a single organism, but however it is defined, it packs a highly venomous sting. The pain usually subsides after two to three hours, but in extreme cases, the sting can prove fatal. The public are also being advised not to touch any, as the sting from a dead Portuguese man o' war can remain potent for up to 48 hours. In the event of being stung, the advice is to apply salt water and not fresh water.