As you do ... wearing a bikini at the airport.


It is not uncommon to see some odd sights at Palma airports. Arriving passengers, especially younger ones, can sport strange costumes or wear very little. And this was the case with one particular arrival - a male of some bulk - who turned up in a pink bikini. He was with some friends, who were more suitably dressed with Hawaiians.

The attire worn by some tourists, or its absence, attracts the interest of British and German tabloid media, and Bild have highlighted the case of a young British woman who was seen (and photographed) ordering food at a McDonald's. The rear-view image of her revealed a pair of bare buttocks.

The German paper reported that she had gone into the restaurant with two friends and had been wearing this "special outfit". This was on Sunday at around eleven in the morning. Bild noted with some sarcasm that the restaurant was in Inca, "only 47 kilometres from the popular British resort of Magalluf".