Next week will mark the second anniversary of Lucia Patrascu's murder. | R.S.

Ioan Ciotau, who murdered his wife Lucia Patrascu in Puerto Pollensa in May 2016, faces a private as well as public prosecution. The lawyer for the family of Lucia is calling for a 24-year prison term for murder plus two more years for habitual mistreatment and compensation of 200,000 euros to her two children.

Around half eleven in the morning of Sunday, 29 May, Ioan Ciotau attacked his wife at the apartment in Puerto Pollensa. She was repeatedly stabbed with a kitchen knife. There were several witnesses, as at least some of the incident took place on the balcony overlooking the street.

Afterwards, Ioan Ciotau sat outside the apartment building and waited for the police to come.

In March, two Guardia Civil officers from the Puerto Pollensa station were cleared by a court of having failed to pursue a crime. Lucia had gone to the station four hours before the incident. Relatives had denounced the officers for not having acted, but the court found that there had been no evidence to suggest that the officers should have filed a report for alleged gender violence.